About us

VIDIA Ltd. is a private Czech biotechnological company. It was founded in 1991 by experienced research scientists. VIDIA is the IVD producer of diagnostic kit for human medicine and for environmental monitoring. VIDIA has its own research and development department that closely cooperates with The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, hospitals and universities. The company has also peptide and conjugate synthesis laboratory.

High quality for the correct results

All VIDIA products go through multi–stage quality control process during manufacturing and the performance of kits is validated in the National reference laboratories. VIDIA uses the international External Quality Assurance, INSTAND (Germany) and Labquality (Finland) program to improve its diagnostic kits laboratory performance. Since 2003 the company is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. All IVD products are CE certified. The products are designed to have high stability and long shelf life and to be easy to use.

Reasonable pricing

VIDIA keeps reasonable product cost strategy with the intention to bring profit to costumers that use VIDIA products.

• Customer servis

Our experienced staff are ready to consult your ambiguous results, improve our kits considering your requirements as well as to develop new diagnostic kits. VIDIA offers also peptide and antigen conjugate synthesis according to your requests.

• Reliable shipping

Products are dispatched on weekly basis but can be shipped immediately if necessary. Due to the high stability of our products, the shipping does not require special devices or conditions.