ELISA and MONOTESTs automatic analyzer

  • Fully automatic
  • Easy to use, very user-friendly
  • For small and big laboratories
  • Minimum cost for other consumables
  • ELISA and MONOTESTs in one run


VIDIMAT  is a fully automatic small benchtop analyser, which is suitable for ELISA microtitrate plate and MONO-VIDITEST monotests processing. The analyser contains 2 positions for 2 microtitrate plates or for 24 monotests and one for pre-dilution plate.


VIDIMAT is able to process ELISA microtitrate plates along with the monotests in one run. It can be very useful for big laboratories and can serve as a complementary device to high-throughput analysers. On the other hand, MONO-VIDITEST kits are suitable also for those laboratories, which have the smaller sample turnover or they provide very special tests and therefore they cannot use whole 96-well mirotitrate plate.





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The analyser is easy to operate, also software is very user-friendly. As a part of the analyser, there is a small netbook placed on the raised pad. It allows effective utilization of working place around the analyser. The samples are loaded into the sliding sample tray, analyser automatically detect the sample position. They can be identified using a barcode or manually.


Most of ELISA-VIDITEST kits are validated for use in the VIDIMAT Analyzer.

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