LIA-VIDITEST anti-Borrelia IgM afzelii

The LIA kit for qualitative detection of specific IgM class antibodies against antigens of Borrelia afzelii.
    Product Code: ODZ-491
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LIA-VIDITEST anti-Borrelia IgM afzelii - enzymatic immuno-blot LIA (Line ImmunoAssay) kit for qualitative detection of IgM class antibodies against Borrelia afzelii in human serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and synovial fluid. 


Accurate test for antibody detection using LIA principles available to all laboratory service providers.   


The process takes place automatically or semi-automatically using LIA analyzers RoboBlotTM, BeeBlotTM and B-20.


Test type: Line ImmunoAssay (LIA) on membrane strips

Type of determination: IgM type antibodies

Type of evaluation: Qualitative

Type samples: Serum / Plasma / Cerebrospinal fluid / Synovial fluid

Kit contents: The kit contains nitrocellulose membrane strips