Custom synthesis

Vidia Ltd. has long-time experience in the field of various biologically active proteins, particularly with
immunoglobulines (antibodies).
We routinely prepare:

• Antigen conjugates for immunization
and for in vitro experiment

– peptides
– polyaromatic hydrocarbons
– steroids
– various sort of organic pollutants
Synthetic peptides – chain lenght 2-40 amino acids
– with chromogenic label
– with fluorogenic label
– biotinylated peptides
– protected peptides
– cyclic peptides
– phosphorylated peptides
– cystein modified peptides
• Tagged proteins
– biotinylated
– fluorescently labeled
• Tagged antibodies
– fluorescently labeled
– enzyme labeled

Substances are analyzed by common analytical methods, like gel electrophoresis, spectroscopic methods, or immunoblotting. It is possible to involve other immunochemical methods, e.g. ELISA or SPR (surface plasmon resonance). The substances are delivered either freeze-dried or in appropriate buffer solution; it is possible to ask for customer specified single-dose packages.




Our laboratories are well equipped for the preparation of synthetic peptides. We offer the synthesis of peptides with the chain length from 2 to 40 amino acid moieties in demanded purity. The certificate for each delivered substance includes HPLC purity report and mass spectrometry structure confirmation. For the peptide synthesis the recent technologies in the art are used, like automatic peptide synthesizer, microwave device and modern HPLC systems.


We usually offer peptide substances in amounts from 5 to 100 mg, by mutual consent up to 1g. We are able to prepare substances carrying the chromogenic or fluorogenic label, or biotinylated, protected or cyclic peptides. If the peptides are intended for immunization, we can prepare protein conjugates or multiple antigenic peptides.


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